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Mayday Parade Live in Manila

"And none for Leonardo DiCaprio,bye."

- Academy Awards (via troianbelllsario)

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Mean Elves (x)


Give your body a minute to catch up with how cute your personality is.

oh god there is hope

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~this will most likely be my last one~

Heeey, My friends put together some stuff that they didn’t want, and they don’t have a tumblr so they made me do the giveaway on my blog.


•must be following me
•can like but reblogs are more likely to win
•giveaway ends February 20th
•have fun!!!

~ sizes are from medium to large ~
~ ships anywhere ~


•Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance sweater
•La Dispute jacket
•Make Do and Mend shirt
•2 Man Overboard long sleeve shirts
•3 owl necklaces
•canon camera

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